The Kargwal Group believes Human Capital is what brings key competencies to an organization. The company not only rewards its employees with attractive compensation packages that are among the best in the industry, but also indulges in thorough cultivation of core values and principles.
This has led the Group to formulate key cornerstone policies of:

• Sustaining efforts towards boosting employee-skill sets
• Maintaining utmost ethical and professional conduct
• Complying with and respecting community, environmental, and legal mandates

Kargwal focuses on creating lateral thinkers within its team, who will capably add substantial value to its business and processes; pursue an exceptional work ethic, and are relentless in taking the organization and their own careers to greater heights.

Kargwal Group follows a progressive and stringent hiring policy of non-discrimination of applicants. Employees are hired purely on merit, qualifications, and competencies; regardless of race,color,religion,national origin,citizenship,age,sex,marital status,physical or mental disability, medical condition or socio-economic background.

Pride, passion, and integrity are the key highlights of Kargwal’s work life. Our employees have been instrumental in devising tools and systems to execute challenging projects safely and smartly, while painstakingly maintaining the most superior standards of quality. Our employees relish the joy of working on pioneering technologies coupled with a sense of ownership of work. Consistently providing an atmosphere of transparency, delight, and impartiality makes Kargwal one of the most coveted places to work at.